More Than Code

More than Code is a 20-week, 5 hour a week program that takes high school students through one semester of front-end web development using the culturally competent curriculum and includes intense entrepreneurship training created by JOURNi.

Carrer Exploration | Design Thinking | Entrepreneurship | Web Development | mentorship

This is an in-school iteration of JOURNi's programming that will enhance student's confidence in shaping their own future. JOURNi uses its three-pronged approach of coding education, entrepreneurship training, and mentorship to deliver culturally competent instruction to students that builds self-awareness, a confidence to create, and expectation of success.

JOURNi’s in-school program

More than code is designed to provide introductory coding education to Detroit youth ages 14-18. Students will gain a firm understanding of the building blocks of the Internet, and learn about several programming languages used to create websites and mobile applications. They will also become familiar with tools and techniques used in software engineering. All lectures are complemented by experiential learning projects. In this program we place an emphasis on collaborative programming that encourages students to learn at an accelerated rate, while providing them with the knowledge needed to support their interest in continuing their education - creating more confident and adaptable young, black professionals.

At the end of More than Code, our students have the following skills and coding competencies:

  • Intermediate understanding of Fundamentals of Computing, HTML, CSS

  • Firm understanding of a Back-end Scripting Language

  • Firm understanding of Object Oriented Programming

  • Intermediate understanding of how to Use Git for Version Control

  • Understanding of Agile Methodology in Project Management of Software Development

More Than Code is currently offered throughout select Detroit Public School Community District, U Prep Academy Schools and Ecorse Public School District.