Youth Tech exploration

Hosted by the ford Resource & engagement center

Youth Tech Exploration is a fun, collaborative technology workshop designed to introduce youth ages 8-18 to web, game, and application development. This workshop utilized programming tools that are capable of reaching a wide age and experience level among youth.


Our Youth Tech Exploration Events provide a variety of activities to educate and challenge our youth attendees


  • Youth explore physical computing

  • Collaborative activities to create original solutions to complex problems

  • Activity tasks range from use of simple blocks to text-based programming.


  • Youth utilize block based programming languages

  • Interactive activities include creating stories, games and animations

  • Youth learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively

Tello Drones

  • Ryze Tello Drones equipped with HD Cameras are used for learning activities

  • Scratch and other coding interfaces are used to program drone task execution

  • Small competitions take place after youth learn how to execute strings of tasks

Advanced Programming

  • Youth that are more advanced in coding will be offered activities to meet their their level of experience


the youth tech exploration experience

  • Exposes youth to “Design Thinking” through technology and entrepreneurship activities

  • Teaches basic scripting & programming concepts

  • Presents STEM concepts while encouraging curiosity and creativity

  • Provides accessible, knowledgeable and experienced instruction

  • Encourages youth development in multiple areas of the Tech Industry


You help us bring Tech Education Opportunities to Detroit!

If you or your organization is interested in volunteering with our monthly Youth Tech Exploration events let us know! Email us at or follow the link below to submit a profile!