Code + Cybersecurity - how 'bout it?


Remember how I mentioned in my last post that learning to code/program has many benefits and pathways to success? Well, one area of which I'm very familiar is Information/Cyber Security. Some of those skills, such as, being detailed oriented, analytical, and methodical play a major role in most disciplines of Cybersecurity. 

The field requires professionals to have deep technical knowledge, to be eager to examine under the hood, to keep abreast of the threat landscape and prevent (if possible), detect, analyze, and mitigate issues of which one faces. Due to the dynamic and fast paced environment, automation ("automate all the things", as we tend to say) is paramount. Althouth many professionals have coding experience, being that we are stretched thin, we aren't always in a position to code as often as we'd like. So, automating "all the things" becomes automate "some of the things", until we get time for the rest. This does not even include the core development work that we need to enhance our security offerings. 

If one wants to reverse engineer malicious software (malware), it is vital for him/her to understand the code and the way it functions in order to conduct proper analysis. 

Application Security is ever growing, software will never stop having vulnerabilities and adversaries interest in exploiting those vulnerabilities will only increase. So, having the skills to be able to contribute to the secure development life cycle makes you a valuable asset. 

I've only briefly touched on a couple areas where your skills may be valuable, but the list is lengthy, so imagine the possibilities. 

The industry is hungry for talent and there simply aren't enough knowledgable professionals to fill the available roles. So, when considering career paths after learning to code, consider Cybersecurity.

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