Trinity Manning: Leveraging Coding in Non-Tech Industries

Trinity Manning is the cofounder and CEO of OnceLogix, LLC, a business application development company based in North Carolina. He graduated from Wake Forest University in 2002 with degrees in Communications and Business. After a chance meeting mowing his lawn in 2004, Trinity saw a need for people to be able to manage their documentation and progress of behavioral health clients online. In one night, after an 11-hour programming stint, Trinity created ShareNote.com - a web-based practice management application. Today, Share Note is being used in 12 states by over 400 companies, and generating over $4 million in annual revenue. 

OnceLogix has been featured in tech blogs and magazines including Black Enterprise, has received awards for Share Note, and been recognized as one of the best employers in the Southeast. Trinity has had the opportunity to speak at churches, schools, colleges and other venues all over the country - all while mentoring young black men. 

When he's not programming or running his company, you can probably find Trinity riding a motorcycle, on the golf course, or day dreaming about his true calling: being a world famous R&B singer! (insert laugh here)

Are you interested in coding to enable better business decisions or to leverage it in industries outside of technology? Trinity will be joining the panel at our launch event on the evening of Friday, July 29th, to discuss how he was able to infuse coding into his business concept. RSVP here.